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Our Philosophy
How We Pick the Toys We Sell

As our name implies, we are not above having a bit of fun. No excuses. We think that "just for fun" is a perfectly good purpose for a toy.

While we admit that we are guilty of declining the word "educational" to describe our store, we nevertheless seek the best from that category of toys. We hunt down the most engaging and appealing arts and crafts, science kits, games and building sets. We avoid the driest and most obviously instructive products because, let’s face it, the kids are on to us. Children want to exercise their curiosity in enjoyable and original ways which is, after all, the best prescription for life long learning.

Another important consideration in choosing toys is quality. About this we are very serious, no shenanigans. A well made toy, puzzle or game is safer and will usually serve several children in its lifetime. And, while price is always a consideration in our decision making, we think that quality is value. Our customers deserve nothing less.

Please visit our store. We promise you will have a joyful time.